Everyone Has a Story.



Tell your story to the world. 

Whether you are a business selling a product, a non-profit saving the world, or a researcher solving new challenges, everyone has a story. Video is a highly effective way of communicating a message, brand, product, or your achievements to a broad audience. Instead of just telling your story, give your audience an experience they'll remember through video.



Documentary Advertising

People are curious. We want to know the behind-the-scenes. We connect with others when we know more about them. Every business, product, adventure, dream, or accomplishment has a story behind it. Let your audience connect with yours. I specialize in a video marketing style I fondly call "documentary advertising." I come from a documentary filmmaking background and firmly believe in the power of real people telling real stories. 



Abbey is tenacious, yet superbly diplomatic, in getting the interviews and finding the footage she needs to complete a project. She is personable and an excellent communicator and as such she has been able to get everyone from Montana ranchers to White House staff to open up to her, help her complete a project and feel good about doing it. If you need someone who will preserve and enhance the relationships of your project, Abbey has the skills.
— Tracy Ellig: Executive Director of Communications, Montana State University
We have worked with Abbey on a variety of projects over the last four years and continue to choose her whenever an opportunity presents itself. She has a keen eye for video and photography and an uncanny ability to capture and produce an impactful story.
— Eulalie Cook: Cofounder, Tadpull
At Barnard, we are thrilled to have had Abbey Wenger available locally for our recent video projects. She is always well prepared and has a strength in drawing interview subjects out, making sure that they have the opportunity to convey their message in the best possible light.
— Carol Diffendaffer: Marketing Director, Barnard Companies


About Me

Montana native, California Dreamer.

I grew up in Bozeman, Montana. In 2008, I wanted to see life outside of our little mountain valley, so I packed up and moved to Los Angeles to attend film school at Loyola Marymount University. I had a blast working on different film sets with my fellow students, but quickly found out that documentary film was what I really loved. I moved to Bonn, Germany in 2012 and worked for a documentary filmmaking program operated by LMU's Study Abroad Office. If I'm not behind the camera or editing at my computer, you might find me shooting some pool, playing the piano, or outside playing in our wonderful mountains.